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Previous Roles
  1. Senior Frontend Engineer.

  2. Senior Desktop Engineer.

  3. Senior Fullstack Engineer.

  4. Backend Engineer.

  5. Creative Director.

  6. UI/UX Designer.

  7. Product Manager.

  8. VP of Engineering.

  9. CTO.

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Interested but don’t see a role that fits? We’re always looking for exceptional marketing, engineering, operations, product, content, and design candidates. If our mission inspires you and you think you’d be a great fit, click here to create your role and submit an application – we’ll be happy to take a look.

The benefits

We’re a remote-first, fully distributed team. You’ll find us in cities and countries worldwide – San Francisco, Costa Rica, France, Los Angeles, Australia, and Pakistan.

To operate effectively, we default to asynchronous workflows and tools. We have one weekly full-team roadmap meeting – 9 am (PST) on Thursdays. And leave the remainder of our days free of recurring meetings to create space for deep work. All to prioritize maker days and deep work.

Values Aligned

We have thought deeply about our values, and over time the team has naturally become the manifestation of the six core values listed below:

When it comes to potential, we are looking for people who value:

  1. Hard work.

  2. Humility.

  3. Mastery.

When it comes to character, we are looking for people who value:

  1. Truth.

  2. Sincerity.

  3. Loyalty.

Finding candidates that embody all six values is incredibly difficult. However, to build a world-class team complimented by a values-aligned culture, we need to be ruthlessly disciplined about the people we hire.

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