👽Senior Infrastructure Engineer

No recruiters or agencies, please.

The Stack:

  • Frontend - React/React Native, TypeScript, and Apollo GraphQL.

  • Backend - Node.js, TypeScript, Apollo GraphQL, AWS and Docker.

  • Databases - DynamoDB as our primary datastore, Postgres, Redis and Elasticsearch for caching/websockets and search.

  • Operations - Our AWS services are fully managed via AWS CDK, and we use GitLab CI/CD extensively.

Roles and job descriptions at our stage are necessarily ambiguous and cover a huge portfolio of responsibilities, so we need someone who thrives in that environment.

You'll get to do things like:

  • Build on a modern infra stack: Nearly our entire infrastructure is scripted via AWS CDK—entirely in TypeScript with a sprinkle of bash. We strive to maintain code cleanliness and organization in our ever-growing stack.

  • Manage and scale our infrastructure: Manage the scaling of our Node.js API servers on Fargate and their associated services, like Redis, Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, Postgres, SQS, and Lambda. While Dynamo is highly scalable by default, our auxiliary services will need to keep up.

  • Manage and improve our CI/CD pipeline: Take our existing CI/CD pipelines and supercharge them for increased simplicity, fault tolerance, and performance.

  • Manage logging and monitoring across our stack: Improve the logging of our lambdas and other infrastructure services, implement new monitoring & visualization tools, and simplify how we track the stability of our infrastructure.

  • Implement and follow best practices for security and engineering: Keep our infrastructure secure by staying up-to-date with and implementing general best practices.

  • Self-manage your work: Build and manage our infrastructure with a high level of autonomy and responsibility. You will greatly influence the technical direction of our infrastructure—and the product itself.

What we're looking for:

  • 3+ years as a full-time software engineer

  • You have a deep understanding of managing AWS services

  • You’re fully capable of managing and improving our CI/CD pipelines

  • You’re able to independently find solutions to infrastructure challenges that arise

  • You embrace being a generalist across the stack and enjoy just getting the job done

  • You’ll take ownership of the infrastructure and intimately understand how it all operates

Why you might be excited about us

  1. You will have the opportunity to potentially impact the lives of billions of people across the world through redefining personal communication and democratizing ownership.

  2. We’re small, so you’ll be able to contribute efficiently and without bureaucracy. You’ll quickly have responsibility for significant areas of our product.

  3. You’ll be able to work remotely and set your own schedule. We have very few meetings, and we don’t micromanage.

  4. We’ll tailor your role to shape a career that fuels you. We care a ton about your satisfaction and job happiness and will help prepare you for whatever you’re looking to do in the future.

  5. We work extremely hard during the week and take the weekends for rest and recovery. We actively encourage prioritizing personal health, sleep, exercise, ergonomics, etc.

Why you might not be excited about us

  1. We’re small (~10 people in the company now), so we are probably not a good fit if you like more established companies.

  2. Since we’re an early-stage startup, projects and priorities will shift. If you prefer a consistent schedule and workload, we are probably not a good fit.

  3. Your projects may not be clearly defined. As a result, you will need to leverage your own experience, intuition, and perspective to help us make the right decisions. We are probably not a good fit if you are looking for perfect project briefs.

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