General FAQ

General Questions

What is thisapp?

Thisapp is an all-in-one chat platform that makes it easy to connect with anyone and organize anything.

How is thisapp different to other chats?

We are expanding the range of message types to include:
  • Events.
  • Availability sharing.
  • Payments.
  • Expense tracking.
Yes, you can share your availability and send events directly in the chat. And no, you don’t need five different apps. For the calendar aficionados, you can connect your Google/Outlook Calendar to further enhance the organizational feature sets.
  • Additional feature sets that complement the chat:
    • ​Discover – the discovery feed will feature hotels, activities, events, and restaurants that you can book within the app.
    • ​Wallet – the wallet will feature your cash & crypto balances and aggregate your expense tabs and payment transactions across all chats.
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Is the app ready to use?

Thisapp is currently in beta (v0.0.526) as of March 26th. The private beta has 250+ users, primarily family, friends, and investors who use thisapp as their primary Chat app. The beta is generally stable, and the majority of the standard chat features are working; text, audio recording + transcription, video calling, gifs, media capture/upload, and group creation. We still have a lot of work to do to achieve parity with the primary chat applications, i.e., WhatsApp/iMessage: local storage, call kit, fail states, search, E2EE, to name a few things. We release every week, so the above is often out of date. The 0.0.498 means we've had almost 500 releases now.
Thisapp is no longer an idea. We know users want a better chat product. We're now looking forward to scaling the product and bringing the vision to life (Feb, 2022).

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Why does thisapp need a token?

$THIS is the core incentive mechanism given to users for building, curating, and improving the network. Examples of this include: administering lively groups, inviting/onboarding new users, hosting events, making bookings/purchases, and community moderation. Additionally, the token allows us to transparently distribute control of the network to the community members who contribute to building it. Note: $THIS tokens do NOT represent equity, debt, a claim on profits, or dividends and does not constitute any financial instrument of any business or organization.

How will thisapp make money?

Background & Team

When was thisapp created?

Thisapp was founded in September 2020.

Who founded thisapp?

​Robby Wade, Sean Gatz, Jeff Steinmetz, Claire Sarfati – following the launch of the token, the community will direct its future growth and development.

Where is the company located?

We all work 100% remotely, and we have team members across the world San Francisco, Costa Rica, France, Los Angeles, Australia, and Pakistan.