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Color Palette

Our primary palette is comprised of Black, White, and Blue.
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For white logos, we use grey backgrounds.

Logo Marks

For white logos, we use grey backgrounds.

Logo Positioning

Official Logo
Circular Logo

Logo Misuse


Proxima Nova is our typeface and should be used for subheads and body copy. For subheads, we use the “Semibold” weight. For body copy or notes, we use the “Regular” weight.

Product Screenshots


Product Mockups

About Us

Our mission is to build an all-in-one chat platform that makes it easy to connect with anyone and organize anything.
Our long-term vision for thisapp is to build the first user-owned super-app. To make this possible, we have broken the journey down into three distinct steps:
Step 1 – Increase chat utility. We are expanding the range of chat message types to include events, availability sharing, payments, and expense tracking.
Step 2 – Elevate the experience. This step will involve integrating with third-party service providers to enhance the planning & payment experience. To offer three examples:
  1. 1.
    Calendar integration: We will give users the ability to connect their preferred calendar (Google & Outlook) – making it easy to manage social + work commitments.
  2. 2.
    Bank/wallet integration: A seamless bank account/wallet connection will make it easy for users to move fiat & crypto assets on and off the platform.
  3. 3.
    Experience providers: Partnering with third-party experience providers will enable us to offer a tailored discovery feed of experiences and activities for users to book – Restaurants, event tickets, leisure activities, and hotels.
  • Step 3 – Community Ownership: With the introduction of the $THIS token, we have the opportunity to build the world’s first user-owned chat.
In December 2021, Thisapp raised a $2.3M pre-seed round led by Artesian Ventures with participation from David Vitek (Co-Cofounder, hipages), Roby Sharon-Zipser (Founder & CEO of hipages), Lachlan Edwards (Founder & CEO of Farraday Associates), Paul Fischmann (Founder & CEO of 8hotels, Rusty Szurek (Founder InsiderScore) and others. Thisapp is currently running a closed beta program focused on product development.

Founder & Team Bio's